How To Keep A Worm Bin Cool

How To Keep A Worm Bin Cool

772015 Staying out of the sun can significantly reduce the temperatures inside your worm bin. First of all keep your bin away from washing machines dishwashers and clothes dryers because worms are.

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If your composter is on a cold surface then place a sheet of cardboard underneath it.

How to keep a worm bin cool. Remember that worms like the cool darkness of the soil so your bin should ideally be in a shady spot with the lid kept closed during daylight hours. Worm bins need a cover or lid so that it remains nice dark and cool inside. Something else Im going to try is that before the school year ended I got buckets of scraps from the school cafeteria and ground them up in my food processor put them in ziploc bags and froze them.

7152018 The vermicomposting bin itself should have features that help keep the worms cool. 10102010 So try implementing these tips when worm composting during winter. 8222015 Im not sure shade is going to be cool enough for the worm bins.

Uncle Jims recommends the The Worm Cafe Composter If youre thinking about recycling your food scraps from the kitchen then the Worm Cafe Composter is just the perfect solution for you. Keep your worm bin in a cool dark place. Keep In a Basement or an Unheated Garage If a worm bin even a beauty like the Urban Worm Bag.

Wrap the composter in insulating material such as wool cardboard or other fabrics to protect it from drafts. Chest Freezer Continuous Flow Through Worm Bin by. If the bin gets too wet the extra water can drain instead of drowning the worms.

592013 When its hot the easiest way to reduce the effects of heat is to keep your composting unit someplace in the shade. A lid keeps the sun off and moisture in. Store Your Worm Bin.

Holes help in maintaining the correct moisture levels. Barring that possibility youll have to create an insulated environment to keep your worms alive through the winter. Tips for Worm Farming in Cold Weather.

These will help in insulating your worm bin well throughout the cold weather. Cover the centre of the compost with layer of wet newspaper. Pauly Using a refrigerator or chest freezer is a perfect worm bin that will keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Keep the lid on. 12 to 26 C. Do not wrap your worm bin too tightly with these insulation materials.

In hot climates what can I do to keep the worms cool enough. Basements are ideal in all seasons due to the relatively constant temperature and humidity. Temperatures outside of this range can affect the production rate and mortality rate of your worms.

You can protect your worms from the cold by insulating the composter. As the compost dries the worms will move towards the cool moist compost under the newspaper from where they can be collected. Aim for 55-70F in the bin which you can check using a probe thermometer.

Doesnt fit your interior decor tastes you can still keep the bin in an unheated basement or a garage. Jorge lives in Portugal so he doesnt have to worry about worms turning into vermicycles The lid you have Jorge is also ideal as its easy to lift and well insulated. Colder weather can kill worms off by freezing but they are in just as much danger if unwatched in hotter weather.

Alternatively if the weather is warm and dry spread the contents of the wormery thinly over a polythene sheet. 1292015 Maintaining Temperature. Keeping your worms out of direct sunlight makes a big difference when it comes to worm bed maintenance.

312021 The easiest way to do this is to remove the worms and store them somewhere fairly warm such as an insulated garage or cool basement or even bringing them indoors. A frozen bottle of water or two can be placed on the top of your worm blanket. For plastic bins you need to drill holes in.

You can leave the top of the bottle off and the thawing water will drip through the farm. Worms live in areas that have temperatures between 41 and 86. Im planning to feed these chunks of frozen food to the worms.

Freeze your vegie scraps and then add them to the worm farmthe freezing will do double duty by breaking down the cell walls in. You might need to keep your vermicomposting bin under cover anyway due to rain. It will gradually thaw and cool the worms.

6132012 The evaporation of moisture from your worm bin will help keep it cool too. Winter is not a problem as we have fairly mild weather for the majority of days. Depending on the design certain composters such as our best-selling Worm Factory 360 let in too much water when it rains.

So put your worm bin in the shade. 892019 Worms are happiest when the temperature is about between 55 and 80 degrees F. The main concern for worms outdoors is temperature.

If you make large holes dont throw the bin out use a filtering material or cloth to keep worms and soil in water out. Proper drainage holes help regulate moisture. Caring for worms in hot weather is an exercise in natural air conditioning working with nature to create a cooler environment in the worm compost bin.

With hotter temperatures comes more worm hatchlings. Thanks for a great service.

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